Cake Flowers

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 We are located on the Central Coast of NSW.

We can deliver to:
 Central Coast
 Hunter Valley

For other events and weddings we locate to the requested area and set up,supply and deliver to:

 Outer and Rural Areas
Cake by The Sweetest Things.
Adding fresh flowers to your Wedding Cake provides a stunning finshed look.
Whether its a cake topper or a cascading design choose something that suits the style of cake.
Together with your cake designer our florist can customise something to suit your colour and design.
We work together with ideas to sybolise the look you are after.

Edible Flowers have become more popular to decorate with recently. They are fun and are organically grown with little or no harm to the environment. We work with local farmers and we can provide a selection of colours and flowers to suit your requirements. Some notice may be required for quantities and colours.​​

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