Bouquet Styles
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Tear Drop Bouquet - as its name suggests this style of bouquet starts with a standard posy shape and then tapers to a single point. It is suited to the more formal brides ans works best as a smaller bouquet.
Dress Style suits-Ball gown,A line,Bouffant,Empire and Mermaid styles.

Trail /Cascade Bouquet - This bouquet also starts as a posy shape at the top and tapers to a single trail or multi trail of flowers. It is a less structued  than the tear and is often called a multi trail bouquet. This is suited to creat a large imnpact and larger flowers suit best ie. orchids and lillies.The  trails can be created to suit a longer length and create a very modern look.It suits both slimline and full gowns
Dress Style suits- Ball Gown,A line,Boufant,Empire and Mermaid styles.

Clustered Posy- Is generally a bouquet of a selection of flowers in a rounded shape not always with foliages. Natural stemmed and the handles is tied off with a lovely decorative ribbon or lace.
Dress Style suits- Strapless,A Line,Bouffant,Empire and Mermaid styles. 

Natural  Stem Posy- is a posy of flowers with their stems showing and tied off with a decorative ribbon on the handle. A collection of delicate scented flowers sets the scene.A mixture of flowers is orften used.
Dress Style suits- as the clustered posy

Structured Posy- A round shaped, tightly structured posy. Its flowers are normally wired or tied together with a ribbon covering part or all of the stems.This is a great option if you dont want to detract too much from your gown.
Dress Style suits -as the clustered posy

Irregular Posy- This bouquet has a more of a country or garden style and is less structured in shape. A mixture of flowers areorten used, and natives are a good choice here.
Dress Style suits-as the clustered posy

Arm Spray- This bouquet is held along the forearm or in the hand. it uses long-stemmed flowers and can be single ended, with stems sahowing at one end, or double ended with no stems showing. The style can be formal and precise or as messy and casual as you wish. Its great fro non traditional brides, who want something more unusual that the classic posy. Slimline gowns work best with arm sprays.

Free form Design- Anything goes with this floral arrangement. A lot of foliage is usually used along with brightly coloured flowers.

Fragrance- In addition to colour, fragrance is another consideration. Some brides like to include a particular flower so the scent will forever remind them of their wedding day. ie David Austin Roses, peonies.
Othe brides choose flowers with a mild scent to avoid having hay fever or a reaction on the day.
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